About Me

Hi, I’m Emily.

I'm currently a Computational Designer at Cox Architecture - focusing on helping to streamline parts of the design process.

Before all that, I had the aspirations of becoming an architect. In fact, I was so sure that was what I wanted to pursue. Now, I'm fascinated by the stories of those who attempt to go down one path, but end up leading another.

While I still find myself working at an architecture firm, my perspective of how I wanted to contribute to the craft had changed.

I guess that started when I applied to the highly sought after competitive degree of architecture. Without success, I chose an alternative course with the intention of transferring after the first year. But, instead of transferring, I saw potential in learning how to utilise technology in the design process. My curiosity for programming in both architecture and web development emerged during the course of completing my Bachelor of Computational Design.

That curiosity led to completing another year of Honours with Cox Architecture. During which I explored what 3D on the web could do for the industry. I was fortunate to present that research at the 2019 CAADRIA conference in New Zealand.

Over time I've grown a love for researching, exploring ideas and storytelling as a medium for explaining technical concepts.

These days, I’m continuing that trajectory by working on documenting processes, creating graphical presentations, learning in public and experimenting with 3D on the web.

Feel free to read in detail about what I've done in my bragdoc

P.S. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you'll stick around as I continue to build out the rest of my website.